Friday, August 11, 2006

Lawyers Move to Vacate Lay's Conviction


Ok so the lawyers apparently want to "clear Ken's good name", the good name synonymous with greed and corruption and pulverize dreams.

Did anyone actually see a body?


It would not surprise me one bit if Ken Lay isn't lying on a lounge chair on some beach, probably in the Cayman's, living off of the retirement funds pilfered from Enron employees.

If they vacate his conviction, does this mean he can miraculously reappear? Will it be in time for ski season? We know he loves Vail.


  1. It wouldn't surprise me one bit either.

    I also wouldn't be surprised if he committed suicide. Can you imagine the emotional toll it takes when your fellow CEOs and rich elites don't want to go golfing with you for fear of being seen with you? (And I'm actually saying that only half jokingly)

  2. Nothing surprises me anymore, frankly. Well, almost nothing.

  3. Yes I will be surprised when the rapture comes. Maybe they will share a piece of Corddry with me.

  4. The moment I saw the title of this entry, I immediately had a comment in mind. I opened the comments section and started to write:


    Then I stopped and thought, "Okay, maybe I should read what she wrote before I start my own rant."

    It's lucky I stopped. With the exception of the word "the" and an "and" or two (and maybe even the word, "seriously"), I was going to write exactly what you wrote.


    Well, maybe only half the words would have been the same, but I was thinking exactly what you were thinking. ;-)

  5. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I believe he's on a lounge on an island.... I've suspected that since I heard a body had been cremated. You would not believe the BS we in Houston had to listen to about what a kind hearted man was Mr Lay even with the "mistakes" at Enron. Yes I actually heard the pastor of First Methodist, Houston refer to his mistakes and there are people in that church who got screwed by that crook. He still has one more judge to face......