Wednesday, August 09, 2006

PC or Mac?

This new marketing campaign Mac is using is pretty clever stuff, and clearly aimed at women. Here we have the new Macs, completely compatible with all our needs...young, hip, attractive, and easy-going. He is the guy you knew in college, had all the tools you needed to get the job done and looked real nice sitting on your desk. Back when I was in college that guy was the PC.

Now look at him. He just doesn't look as cool or hip as he once did. He comes with TONS of baggage. He doesn't perform like he used to. To get him do do a damn thing takes a lot of effort. He needs a lot of time to get going, and you can never be sure if he is going to crash before finishing the task.

Yes, girls, the Mac looks really good. Unfortunately, I already have this big PC hanging around, and I am afraid at my age getting a Mac might seem slightly pathetic.


  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Is this about your computer or husband (wink)?


  2. Well either way, deep in my heart I will always be a PC girl...(winking back).


  3. wow, i'm not even going to touch this one...