Wednesday, August 09, 2006

RockStar Supernova

Ok, I admit it. I started watching RockStar last season with INXS and I really enjoyed it. It is one of the two reality shows I will watch, the other being Last Comic Standing, and thanks to the wonders of the DVR I can watch both. So last night I watched RockStar and these were my observations...

Dilana...ok that is one scary chick. Well she was the first couple of episodes. She has since revealed a heart and a brain, and I think she is probably going to win this thing.

Jill...Somewhere out there is a very, very lonely pole.

Zayra...Yowza. That was some outfit. One of these days she is going to make Jason Newstead's head explode. Smart money says she makes band wife.

Storm...Not her best performance but she is probably the closest contender next to Dilana.

Magni...nice nice nice.

Lukas...good lord child. Stop the theatrics, take off the make up, stop shaving your eyebrows and drop the "flying monkey from Wizard of Oz act." You suck.

Everyone else is pretty lackluster, though I am digging that big boy from Oz.

Half an hour til it starts here in New Mexico, so I am going to get ready for it.

More later!

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