Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sorry For Being a Lazy Blogger

I haven't actually been "lazy" I have been super busy, as a mom of four can often be. This weekend special circumstances have prevented me from blogging at my normal turtle pace. First and most importantly I have been busy celebrating the birthday of my little Sarah, the princess. She turned 6 and wanted her special princess birthday picture on my here goes....

It also is the "tax free weekend" for people purchasing items for back-to-school so I have my lengthy list of school supplies needed for the three girls and will be out shopping the rest of the day, so this is it my friends. I will be back tonight and if I am not dead from overshopping I will be a good LTS and do some actual blogging. Until then be nice...



  1. Your daughter is adorable. Keep her innocent as long as you can. :)

  2. She is the most wonderful girl. I am very lucky to have three beautiful daughters and one fantastic baby boy. They are my life!

  3. Sure, Cara. You probably drove down to Vegas while your children are trying to ration out the cereal...j/k

  4. hahahah well I did leave them good cereal!