Monday, October 02, 2006

In Medical News Today...

Medical tubing manufacturers announced today an upgrade to the Foley Catheter. The new models will include a built in calibration system, to accurately measure penis size.

Manufacturers expect to have the new models available for use in hospitals nationwide November 8th.


  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Did you give Barny Frank a call and suggest he buy one also, forgot he was a domon-rat and it is ok to be gay if you are a demon-rat

  2. Pages, Pages, Pages, and more pages what makes these people so sexually attractive to all of these horny old men on capital Hill?

    Here we have Mark Foley acting out all of his fantasies by sending some digusting e-mails off to a male page and you fucking people go besherk.

    On the flip side of the coin we had Bill Clinton sitting at the oval office desk with his Johnson cramed down Monica's thoart (lets not forget she was only 19) and a cigar in the other hand diddling the fuck out of her crotch and dropping his wad all over her face and you fucking people said it was no one business excepts his...go fucking figure...sounds like the kettle calling the pot black....go fucking figure...I guess Bill needed some head from some young page barley over the age of consent and it is fucking ok and you people talk about morals..go fucking figure...

  3. I hate to split hairs with you rocky, because you are so clearly insane, but Monica was 21.

  4. Anonymous4:59 AM

    No, I'm not the one who is insane, as you can see when the Clinton escapade with Monica is put into graphic terms then you can see how morally bankrupt this man was and still is. It's people like Him Mark Foley, Barny Frank and the others that are insane. So you keep right on defending Bill, and once you do that then you are on the same level as this man, and believe me I am not defending Mark Foley for what the man done, the only thing I am defending is right to due process, which you seem to forget that he has a right to.

  5. Ole rocky completely didn't address the key difference that you pointed out, LTS. He seems to believe that an extramarital affair is the same as soliciting a minor.

  6. It could be, LJMan, that it is true that republicans can't tell the difference.

  7. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I think most people look at a 16 year old being a minor, but we have to go beyond that and look at what the law says, remember if the man is guilty he will be found guilty under any laws that he may have broken when it comes soliciting a minor, he will not be found guilty based upon someones own personal opinon or feelings, this goes back to what Brit Hume had to say Liberals have a double standard you have to apply the law when it involves them but forget about the law whe it involves a consertative.

    We already know that Foley hasn't been charged with soliciting a minor under any state laws because none were broken and the parties involved are consider adults under the law as opposed to minors.

    I hear you fuckers talked about the constution and how it is being taken away and it is the very people like yourself and your buddie Ole' Upchuckie over at Bushmerika, you want the man convicted and thrown in jail just because you have an opinion. LJM you dumb fucker where did I say Bill Clinton broke a law, I said the man was morally bankrupt, dip shit.

  8. "LJM you dumb fucker where did I say Bill Clinton broke a law"

    Your insult aside, where in my posts above did I mention laws? This was morally worse than what Bill Clinton did because he was engaging in sexual misconduct with a minor.

    The truth, olerockytop, is that you want to parade around and talk about Foley being exonerated LEGALLY and Clinton being the same because it helps your side politically. Your side is the one caught up in double standards and hypocrisy.

  9. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Hey Dumb Shit the point I am trying to make here is the man has not been charged with a crime and who in the fuck died and made you God.

    As you go thru life asshole you will come across a lot of things that are disgusting and what Foley done was Digusting, but as of now it does not mean he has committed a crime.

    If your wife farts in bed well hell that is also disgusting, but it does not mean she has committed a get it dipshit.