Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hume-ongous Blunder

Today on Faux News Sunday, Brit Hume argued, with regard to the Foley scandal, that there is a difference between republicans and democrats in matters such as these. He said that Gerry Sudds didn't lose his position for his improper relationship with a subordinate, that Barney Frank didn't lose his seat for his improper relationship with a subordinate, and that even Bill Clinton didn't lose his job for improper relationships with a subordinate.

Think about that.

Relationship with a subordinate???

Is that what we are calling teenage pages now? Subordinates?

How dare this man equate consensual sex between adults to the sexual stalking of a sixteen year old boy?

Why do republicans keep electing closet homosexuals? I will tell you why. They keep electing fundamentalist Christians, and you don't get much farther back in the closet than that. People who cannot be frank and honest about their natural sexual tendencies and identity tend to manifest this in very dark ways.

So if you are repressing your sexuality, do the world a favor. Go out and meet a nice person your own age, date them, and get laid. Keep your hands and instant messengers off the kids.


  1. Studds' relationship was also with an underage male congressional page and unlike Foley was a physical relationship. He continued to run and be reelected from 1984 - 1996. I think that says a tad more for his constituents than him. The other uy caught in that scandal also refused to resign but at least his constituents showed him the door.

    Barney Frank had a prostitution ring running out of his apartment. I think he got a Congressional censure. Clinton, well his proclivaties are well known. CB, I like you (well I have to because you are my sister) but to have politicians use pictures with Foley in a guilt by association witch hunt seems pretty sleazy. Can't you guys win on ideas? What are the Democrats ideas? 5 weeks til the election and I still hear crickets when it comes to ideas.

  2. The crickets are in your own head brother dear. I am willing to stipulate to Sudds, Frank is still a good legislator, and Clinton, well you know how I feel about that trumped up charge.

    If republicans hadn't been so obsessed with Clinton's sex life in the 90's perhaps 9/11 wouldn't have happened...

  3. Hi Cara & David,

    I did a search for both Democrat & Republican pedophiles to be fair, on Yahoo. Studds was the only Democrat name that came up. I knew about Frank, but he didn't return in the search- try it. Frank's escapades reminded me of the poppy bush sex/drug parties, pedophilia and child slavery that Skolnick and other wrote about.

    Anyway, the Republican search was a whole different story- a seemingly unending lists of perverts across numerous websites- bible thumpers and children bangers- many times their own children. Totally disgusting.

  4. Please, let's not refer to people who do things such as this as closeted homosexuals -- preying on minors, even if they are the same sex as you, is not homosexuality. It's just sick.

  5. I certainly didn't mean to imply that closeted gays are predatory. In fact, what I said was that people who repress their sexuality often manifest it in very disturbing ways. Gays, straights, it doesn't matter,if you don't have a healthy perspective on sex, you are likely not to have healthy sexual relationships, and far more likely to have inappropriate, even predatory, relationships.

  6. Pages, Pages, Pages, and more pages what makes these people so sexually attractive to all of these horny old men on capital Hill?

    Here we have Mark Foley acting out all of his fantasies by sending some digusting e-mails off to a male page and you fucking people go besherk.

    On the flip side of the coin we had Bill Clinton sitting at the oval office desk with his Johnson cramed down Monica's thoart (lets not forget she was only 19) and a cigar in the other hand diddling the fuck out of her crotch and dropping his wad all over her face and you fucking people said it was no one business excepts his...go fucking figure...sounds like the kettle calling the pot black....go fucking figure...I guess Bill needed some head from some young page barley over the age of consent and it is fucking ok and you people talk about morals..go fucking figure...

    As a nation we should be more concerned about the process how do these perverts get elected, you know the Barny Franks the Bill Clintons and the Mark Foleys, that is what we need to be concerned about and demand they leave office once found out.

    "I did a search for both Democrat & Republican pedophiles" UpChucky to remind your dumb ass the pages were 16 or older and over the age of consent and this does not put him in that catagory, if that is the case as you believe it then you should place Bill clinton in the same catagory.

  7. Anonymous6:10 PM

    "I am willing to stipulate to Sudds, Frank is still a good legislator, and Clinton, well you know how I feel about that trumped up charge." Trumped up charges may I remind you Slick Willie was impeached because he lied under oath that is called purgery and he lost his licenses to practice law even though the impeachment did not go thru, do I need to give you a link on you tube with a video of him denying the whole thing to the American people, why do you keep refering to it as being sex when we both know the truth and the truth is the man is a fucking liar and a bold face one at that..