Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why this Foley Thang Feels Sooooooooo Good

It may seem a bit mean that this Foley scandal has brought us so much joy. I know I feel a little bit guilty when everytime it is mentiomed I giggle, wave my hands in the air and do a little happy dance...but it just feels so right. So I dance, and celebrate this beautiful, beautiful scandal.

But many may wonder why liberals are over the moon about the revelations about Congressman Foley and its aftermath. For those who are curious, let me shed some light.
First of all, eight years ago we had a marvelous president. He had worked wonders with our economy, we were at peace, people had jobs, things were sure looking up. Kenneth Starr, who had spent a fortune in government dollars trying to pin criminal charges on the President for a failed land deal in vain, instead went after the President for sexual activities. He was impeached, but an effort to remove him from office didn't work.

Following that national disgrace we had to endure years of puffed up republicans, claiming to be the bearers of all that is good, virtuous and holy. Democrats were incapable of leading, because they weren't MORAL enough. Republicans had "family values" and God liked them best.
Anytime there was a hint of impropriety in the ranks of the republicans they would get their loudmouth radio and tv personalities out there beating the Clinton/Monica drum. Democrats never once stood up to them because they are scared little spineless weenies. The democrats just let it slide, for eight years.

Well, after eight years of being shamed into silence and losing every single election since, we have a glimmer of hope. With each passing day this scandal weakens the republicans, not because democrats are tearing them down, but because they are cannibalizing themselves. It is a beautiful thing, because it brings the promise of a return to some balance in government, and perhaps some checks on this hideous Executive.

Perhaps most beautifully, though, it is bringing about the end of this false piety, revealing the dark smelly underbelly of conservatism, and negating years and years of righteous indignation served up by piggy right wingers. Oh you can still hear them try the old talking points, sputtering..."But! But! Bill Clinton did it! It was sex with a subordinate! It's the SAME THING!!!" through their tears, but anyone with a brain knows it isn't, it really isn't even close, and it is perverted just to try to equate the issues.

So I do my happy dance. I embrace the promise of a return to REAL decency, where perhaps we can see a light at the end of the Bush Presidency tunnel, a return to some balance, less slimy rhetoric from the right. These are all great things. It is high time for them.
Dance with me!


  1. GranMarty3:41 PM

    Willie needs to write a new song... "Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be pages......"

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    When you go back through out political history you will probably find out that the slimy rhetoric follows the party that is in power, so I would not shake the tree two hard because you might get suprised what may fall out.

  3. I hate to rain on your dance, but Patrica Madrid is starting to look a little hypocritical on this issue.

  4. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Wow look what fell out of the tree in New Mexico, see what happens when you start shaking the tree you never know what may fall out.

    You talk about slimy, the term New Mexican is slimy, makes your skin crawl.

  5. Rocky returns, clever repartee intact. Where would this blog be without the sentient remarks of our esteemed spokesman for the right, OleRockytop?

    New Mexicans aren't slimy, in fact we have to use a lot of moisturizers because of the dry climate. You are in Washington State, Rocky, lots of rain, lots of slime.

  6. Anonymous10:10 PM

    "First of all, eight years ago we had a marvelous president. He had worked wonders with our economy, we were at peace, people had jobs"

    I love this statement explains everything about someone who is brain dead, the economy was good, it was built on a bubble that would burst in 2000. We were at peace, another bullshit lie, why is it the Liberals want to forget how Clinton put our tropps in NATO Blue Helments and painted our F-16's the same color and go bomb the fuck out of a country that never done a thing to us, you have to ask yourself where in the fuck do these twits get these insane ideas.

    Also remember who wa the head of NATO forces at they time of this sensless bombing of innocent people no other than Wesely Clark.

    They like to say the economy is in shambels, if that is a fact I would like to know where in the fuck are people getting the money to buy all of these homes and these big SUV's they drive, someone explain that to me, where in the fuck is the money coming from, not from Santa Claus, just maybe people are employed and making money to buy a home did that ever pop into that empty melon you call a head.

    That is another one of yesterdays songs which has yet to risen to the top of the charts, but these fucking morons keep singing it.

    "New Mexicans aren't slimy, in fact we have to use a lot of moisturizers because of the dry climate. You are in Washington State, Rocky, lots of rain, lots of slime. yep you got that shit right a whole bunch of slime, you forget this is a Liberal state, yes sir're bob you got that shit right more fucking liberal slime here than I care to mention infact we have one for Governor Crustina Gregoire.

    Please do not come back and say it takes to family members do afford this shit both husband and wifwe have been working for years while they let someelse raise their rug rats.

    While here let me give your dumb ass a basic math lesson the man has not been in office for 8 years he has been in office for 5 years 6months and 14 days.

  7. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Let me remind you I'm not a spokesman for the left or the right, I am a spokesman for what I think is right, truth and justice the American way, your screaming DNC chairman Howard Dean made the statement in 2004 even terriost are innocent until proven guilty, here you fuckers have already convited a man of a crime and he has not been charged with one...go fucking figure...Bill Clinton had sex with a page, all this man has done so far is sent out some pretty racey E-mails to a few pages who were no longer on the payroll, plus they were 16 or older, you dumb shit. By law they are considered adults, so let the investigation run and then if he is found guilty let him be convicted by a jury of his peers not by a jury of fucking morons.

  8. "go bomb the fuck out of a country that never done a thing to us"

    Oh, Like Iraq?

  9. Anonymous12:20 PM

    How quick we forget.........But launching a NATO air war against Milosevic was the triumph of threat over thought. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had blustered so much about bombing that when Milosevic refused to budge, she and the United States and NATO were left with the option of losing face or carrying out the threat-even though the consequences of carrying out that threat had not yet been calculated.
    That was just one in a series of blunders and blusters that led to this fiasco. First, at the Dayton Accords in 1995, the United States kept Kosovo off the table and whisked the problem under the rug. But the problem did not go away.

    Bill Clinton is finding this out the hard way. His ill-conceived decision to prod NATO into bombing Yugoslavia in March has wreaked havoc. The hundreds of thousands of refugees, the civilians killed by NATO bombs, the U.S. soldiers captured, the solidification of domestic support for Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic, the dangerous chill in U.S.-Russian relations-all these have come to pass since Clinton made his fateful decision.
    Do you need anymore information

  10. Anonymous12:47 PM

    liberal blogger man, you think Iraq never did anything to us? I guess you missed the part where they were firing on our planes almost daily. I guess you missed the part about how they were paying the families of suicide bombers, and swearing our destruction. Or maybe you missed the failed attempt at assasinating former Pres. Bush, or their total violations of the treaty they signed to end the Gulf War? You know, the one where we said, "we'll stop bombing the hell out of you if you agree to do x, y, and z", and then they violated every bit of their part of the bargain?
    Never did anything to us, my ass.

  11. Hahaha.

    No one has said that our reason for invading Iraq was because of swearing our detsruction, or even the assassination attempt on Bush.

    Violating a treaty? Milosevic violated international law. We intervened in one of the most effective military interventions and stopped a genocide. The number of civilian deaths/US soldiers captured comes no where near the 100,000 Iraqi civilians that have died since our intervention there and the three thousand (!) US soldiers that have died, and the thousands upon thousands of wounded. And we had a real coalition in the Balkans.

    Not only are you trying to compare Iraq with the NATO intervention of the Balkans, you seem to be suggesting it was less successful. Even conservatives have referred to Iraq as a boondoggle.

    It doesn't pass the laugh test.

  12. The high rate of civilian casualties caused by the NATO bombardment of Kosovo and Serbia further undermines any notion that the air war has a "humanitarian" purpose. Fred Kaplan of the Boston Globe has suggested that at least 1,200 civilians have been killed since NATO started its air war, and that the number of civilian casualties per ton of bombs dropped is greater than during the height of the Vietnam War. The reason for the higher civilian casualty rates is simple: more NATO bombing raids are taking place in heavily populated areas, so that even if most of the bombs are close to their intended targets, those that miss the mark and are more likely to hit adjoining apartment buildings, offices, hospitals, old age homes, public markets, and other places where civilians congregate. Add to this the fact that NATO has been consciously targeting civilian infrastructure, including bridges and electric power stations, and it is quite possible that the death toll from NATO bombing could mount for months and years to come, as people die of disease and starvation caused by the demolition of Serbia's economy (as has been happening for many years in Iraq). THE KILLING OF CIVILIANS BY NATO BOMBS IS NOT A "MISTAKE." IT IS A LOGICAL AND PREDICTABLE OUTGROWTH OF THE WAY NATO HAS CHOSEN TO WAGE THE WAR.

  13. Liberal Journal not come in and piss down my back and tell me it is raining, the only thing you are trying to justify is the double standards the Liberal party lives by.

  14. That's all you got--even if those numbers are correct, they are diminuitive compared to Iraq casualties.

    Here's what a soldier who served in Kosovo and Iraq had to say:

    SGT. MARSHALL THOMPSON: Yes. I was deployed to Kosovo during the 2001 attacks.

    And I've been very proud of my service. And it's just been a hard time in Iraq, because THIS WAR IS UNJUST. And no amount of patriotism that I have can change that.

    AMY GOODMAN: How did you come to the conclusion that it's unjust?

    SGT. MARSHALL THOMPSON: Well, it happened before the war started. I was on the fence. And when Colin Powell addressed the UN, I believed him, like most people did, I think.

    Now if you've served next to this man, and still feel the way you do, then you'd be "raining" on yourself.

  15. I solider, is that all you got LJM that does not justify the double standards you people live by.

  16. GranMarty9:33 AM

    I am not trying to start a blog war... This Foley business vindicates all us Christians who aren't comfy with the way the GOP deals with the poor and the sick. And for all those who said I can't call myself a Christian while voting Democrat I send a big KMA!!! Now everyone with a brain knows that repugnicans are not the keepers of the oracles of God and they don't have a lock on morals or honesty. Family values? Hah!

  17. What do we have here a bible thumpin Liberal...go figure,

  18. Thanks for both the comment on my blog earlier and your post today about innocent Iraqi deaths. Both yourself and Liberal Journal had terrific posts about this subject. Also happy to have discovered your blog and "liberaltruthsayer" is a great name. So, you're going on the blogroll. A name like liberaltruthsayer absolutely belongs on any liberal blogger's blogroll!

  19. GranMarty10:09 PM

    Rocky... I don't thump my bible, I read it and try to live by it. That's why I can't vote republican.

  20. Let me put it to you this way Granmarty if I came in here and made a statement like you did. I read the bible and try to live by it. That's why I can't vote Democrat. That is when you would start applying your double standards and labeling me as a right wing religous nut case.

    Have you ever given it any thought that just maybe, just maybe the majority of the consertatives that attend church on a regular basis feel the same as you do and are not religious nut cases as most people would like to label them because they attend church and are consertative people.

    I grant you yes there are the nut cases on both sides of the isle, on the left you have your Secular progressives's and they are just as bad as the religious right, you folks seem to forget about them and start applying you double standards, so get a grip and admit it there is corruption on both sides not just one.

    You go at Foley and Dennis Haster all you want but at least they did not kill anyone like Ted Kennedy did and not report it for hours and then say he did not know anyone was in the back seat.

  21. GranMarty11:30 AM

    But Rocky... I'm able to live my life without all the name calling... i.e. bible thumpin liberal, religious nut case..etc. unless You want to call Robertson, Falwell and Dobson nutcases You need to leave me alone. The only ones who, in your opinion, warrant being called names are the ones who disafree with you. That is just tacky. I mentioned none of the things you spoke about in your rant. I don't need you or anyone else putting words in my mouth.

  22. "Now everyone with a brain knows that repugnicans are not the keepers of the oracles of God"

    You are just a hypocrite and bible thumper like the religious right, read the quote from your own post, the only difference between you and the right is you sit on the other side of the aisle and pretend to be righteous and live by certain values, yea the same values as the religious right, you can fool them not me, futher more I'm neither a demon-cat or a repugnican as you put it so I can call names if I like, I do not preach that I live by the bible or any of the other religious bull-shit you people put out, so do not piss down my back and tell me it is raining, remember you can't bull-shit a ole' bull-shitter I have been around 4 or 5 days.