Friday, July 21, 2006

Acting on Instinct and a Hot Tip that you??? I just love it when you puff up and stammer, "How dare you insinuate I am a homosexual!" Kills me everytime. Seriously, send on the vanity photos for your fans here at LTS!

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  1. "My name is Cara. I am a mom of four in sunny New Mexico. Everyone has told me that I am so opinionated about politics that I need to start my own blog, and we all know there is a terrible blog shortage, but what the hell...lets give it a shot.
    I am a life long, dyed in the wool, leftie liberal. I make no apologies or pretenses. Feel free to comment at will, and unlike Bush, you can disagree with me and not be my enemy. I believe that freedom of discourse is what made this country great, and our distaste for it is weakening our nation. We have allowed a second-rate bully to run the show, and are too afraid (perhaps rightfully so) to make waves"

    Practice what you preach...never heard GW say one bad word or call another person a name who may have called him a liar and God knows what else....Yours is nothing but a typical Left Wing statement...means nothing other than you are trying to impress someone....but you cannot impress me with your name calling...