Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Robert Novak on Meet the Press

Jon Stewart, who is right about SOOOO many things, hit the nail on the head when he referred to Robert Novak as a "douchebag of liberty."


  1. Here a while back the Left Wingers thought they had nailed the lid shut on Carl Rove coffin when the headlines said Novak names Rove as the leak in the Valire Plame case, now we know that wasn't what the man said but a few Left Wingers jumped on the band wagon and were already writing their next blog on how Rove had been indicited.

    Low and behold Novak never said Rove was the person, Novak said she had already been outed a couple of years back by a double agent and in his opinion there was no crime committed, this wasn't what the Left Wingers wanted to hear so what is their next plan of attack, they go after Novak like a VIVIOUS PACK FLESH WOLVES....what more can one say.

  2. What more can one say? Well lets see, anything that makes that previous rant make sense would be a start. Rocky you are a sick, twisted, shit flinging evil little monkey. My cousin at the FBI is already putting together a dossier on you (that is a french word meaning file). I suggest you watch what crazy shit you post on people's blogs. You never know who is watching you! (Literally watching you too, are your blinds open?)

  3. Lets see here you made a post or should I say blog, now you leave it open to comments, I make a comment disputing what you are saying as not being the facts and then you want to have a senstivity attack....now if you do not want a rebuttle on the crazy shit you post then shut down the comments and post till your little heart is content...now talk about a shit flinging evil little monkey look who is calling the kettle black

  4. I fogot to mention one thing the FBI already have a dossier on me, they have for a long time goes all the way back to the days when I was in the Military and had a Top Secert clearance from the days in the old Statregic Air Command.

  5. Let’s go back in time remember when Valerie Plame dispatched her husband Joe Wilson to Niger on a mission to prove the Bush administration wrong on whether Saddam had tried to purchase yellow cake from them?

    Now Wilson comes back with his report which is mostly fabricated lies to try and dis-credit the Bush Administration...right....

    In steps Novak being a journalist and writer he can smell a story a 100 miles away....he knows this story will make good reading and then he starts stirring the pot because he has had conversation with people in Washington regarding Valerie Plame and her one time position of being a covert CIA agent, but at the time she is just a low level CIA desk jockey with no real importance.

    Novak goes to work and publishes his story as her being a covert agent which he knows is not the truth, but in this case the truth does not matter, it is the story, once it breaks, out comes the ATTACK DOGS someone has to pay for this and it is going to be the Bush Administration, names are dropped here and there and of course Scooter Libby gets nailed for purgery, and then it on to Carl Rove, all said and done nothing has been proven other than Libby lied.

    Time passes and Novak needs another story so he puts a different twist on it which and this time the Left Wingers believe they have Carl Rove and he is the RAT-FINK…not.. because Novak comes out and states that Plame had been out-ed a couple of years back by a double agent and he feels there has not been a crime committed….well now the LEFT WINGERS GO FRIGGEN BESERK because they feel they have been double crossed by Novak….just my opinion because we all know how journalist and politicians are…now do we not…….way to go Robert….