Thursday, July 20, 2006


Click HERE to see the grope felt round the can actually see her skin crawl.


  1. Anonymous5:25 PM

    This was a grossly inappropriate thing for georgeboy to do. it is rude and insulting to touch a woman. He doesn't know her that well, they are not lovers or friends. He should keep his crummy paws to himself.. She should have belted him.

  2. Just maybe this fat ass bitch got her jollies off when a real man put his paws on ever think just maybe she liked it......most women to like to be pawed...sorta like a little man toy...

  3. George bu$h...a real man???? ROTFLMAO! Rumor has it that Jeb had to donate the sperm to produce the twins!! The only one who can get the old boy to rise to the occasion is his little Condi! I guess it has something to do with the knee high boots, the spike heels & the leather!

    And please don't tell me that this mass murderer is a Christian. If george bu$h is a Christian I am the Virgin Mother.